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White Rabbit Beauty has closed permanently.
Thank You for 13 Great Years!

About White Rabbit Beauty

White Rabbit Beauty was born in 2004 out of a basic conflict many of us face: We want wonderful skin care and cosmetics that help us look our best, but we struggle to reconcile this with the terrible price other animals pay.

JeanThe conflict came to the fore for me, Jean, when I encountered a battered red tabby in Plano, Texas. I took him home, named him Plano, and we became best buddies. Although Plano was not a laboratory animal, his wounds triggered a flashback to my undergraduate days, when I roomed with a postdoc working in a research laboratory. I had met her there once and had seen first-hand the experiments under way. I had forgotten that scene until Plano recalled it from my memory. It became one of those seminal moments. I felt guilty that I had suppressed that memory. . .they deserved to be remembered.

From that point on, I was determined to find and use only products that were not tested on animals, but in 2004, shopping cruelty free was nearly impossible. No stores sold only cruelty free items, and finding good items was extremely difficult. Realizing that other women might have the same dilemma, White Rabbit Beauty opened its doors to provide a source for excellent, cruelty free products.

White Rabbit's overarching goal is to promote cruelty free shopping and to work toward a future where no cosmetics are tested on animals, making stores like White Rabbit unnecessary. It's probably the only store for which closing the store is the goal of its business plan!

Until that time, we will bring you the best beauty products on the market, with an assurance that none of them have been tested on animals at any stage of their development. We hope you find White Rabbit Beauty a fun and rewarding store.

About the owner: Jean has a BS in Civil Engineering from MIT and an MS from Stanford, with a specialty in Environmental Engineering. She has worked most of her life as a consultant in environmental engineering, especially in hazardous waste assessments and remediation, and as a consultant in the computer industry. Her background in chemistry helps her evaluate the often conflicting information about ingredients and products. White Rabbit Beauty is primarily a labor of love for animals, and in memory of the many little ones who have given their lives to protect our health.

Meet the Board
Plano Plano, Chairman. Voted chairman because, well, look at him. He also wouldn't give up the chair. Reckless in youth, he is now content to direct recklessness from the comfort of a chair.
Stu Stu "the Janitor" Ricoli, Sergeant-at-Arms. The "official" explanation of his nickname is he sweeps toys. But all I'm saying is Stu is Plano's right-paw man, and Stu is verrrry protective of his "family" on the Board.
Mr Jingles Mr. Jingles, Chief Science Advisor. Brilliant with the maze of project complexity. Initially concerned for his safety, he has been assured that board members don't eat each other, because it would look bad in the annual report.
Hallie Hallie, Board Therapist. Always a lady. Never talks about herself but listens, keeping up the appearance of being intently interested in every word. Her happy wagging tail makes everyone feel at ease.
Pete Melee, Free Spirit and Visionary. The original inspiration for the term "mistakes of enthusiasm," she never does anything small.
Henry Henry, Chief of Protocol A gentle soul, a real sweetie. But his first 3 months in a parking lot gave him the manners of a dumpster diver. "Look what the cat dragged in" likely originated with him.
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