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Here are links to other sites you may find interesting. If you choose one of these links, a site will open in a separate window. The sites that open are the responsibility of owners of those sites and represent their views. They are not necessarily the views of White Rabbit Beauty.

Skin, Hair, and Nail Care and Makeup Tips

The following sites provide well researched (not hyped) information:

Mayo Clinic Skin Center - Written by Mayo Clinic staff, this provides state-of-the-art information on skin, hair, and nails (not just skin) in an easy-to-read style geared for the public.
Cosmetics Cop - Consumer advocate Paula Begoun's site has a "Learn" section on skin, hair, nails, and makeup tips, and an excellent dictionary of cosmetics ingredients.
National Library of Medicine - If you need to do in-depth research on an ingredient, this is the place to start. It's a national repository, where most research studies are filed. A powerful search engine lets you find nearly all scientific studies on an ingredient.
Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database - Full profiles on natural ingredients and their current uses, including in skin care. Explains the mechanism by which the ingredients work, and identifies which applications are likely safe, possibly safe, and likely unsafe. Uses much more rigorous and scientific approach than the widely publicized EWG database. (We strongly recommend against using the EWG database - it is chemical information with no understanding of chemistry context and with exceptionally poor scientific approach).
Veggieboards forum - The major online forum for vegetarians and vegans. It's supported by ads, which can be a little distracting, but the forums are a good place to ask all your veggie questions.
My Beauty Bunny - Excellent beauty blog on cruelty-free beauty. Product reviews on many cruelty-free brands of cosmetics, skin care, and hair care, and great giveaways, too!
Cleaning Building Service's Vegan guide - A surprising source for vegan recipes for cleaning products.

Animal Testing and Welfare Issues

These sites present good, balanced information:

Humane Society of the United States - This link takes you to the most definitive report on animal testing issues that we have found. [The Humane Society has changed its site and the original linked article is no longer available. We are currently trying to find the original material presented at this link.]
Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics - Organization that certifies companies cruelty free.
United Poultry Concerns - This nonprofit promotes the compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl. It will help you see chickens and other domestic fowl as the intelligent, loving creatures they are. It also describes the current, deeply disturbing farming practices.

Animal Rescue Groups

When you place an order, you can choose where your share of the profits go. For more information about the groups we support, please visit these sites:

Alley Cat Allies
Furry Friends Network
House Rabbit Society
Humane Farming Association


Here are other sites with good vegetarian/vegan shopping and advice on shopping, not just for personal care products, but for almost everything you may want to buy. Keep in mind that vegan doesn't necessarily mean cruelty-free, so you'll still want to verify that products aren't tested on animals.

Dee Crawford Designs - Gorgeous hand-painted original designs featuring the beauty of animals, wild and domestic. Purses, embossed apparel, and denim.
Vegan Essentials - A one-stop vegan store. Everything from vegan candles to clothing to food.
Pangea - The Vegan Store - Another good one-stop vegan store.
Total Vegan Shop - For vegan and vegetarian vitamins and supplements.

Here are sites that customers have recommended for their cost savings, but be sure to check that the products are cruelty free before ordering.

Drug Discount Directory - We help people discover how Free Drug Discount Cards can save money on prescriptions. For Pet Prescriptions, too!


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